Popular Song Mixes

Mixes created with popular songs.

Alright then... You can absolutely use popular songs, but you must purchase/license those on your own.  We only trust two sources for quality, legal cover songs...  unleashthebeats.com & powermusictrax.com.  We can help if you have questions about purchasing songs.  We can also help with song choices etc. Be sure to visit their pricing pages and buy in bulk if you have more than one mix.  It's way cheaper than paying $20 per song.  We recommend no less then 5 songs for 1:30, 6 songs for 2:00, and 7 songs for 2:30.

We offer 2 options... "GOOD" & "AWESOME".  Each option is available in the 3 most common time limits(round up if you fall between).  Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.